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All righty then, Hold on to your hats its about to get real.

So I was born in Sydney, Manly to be precise I crapped in my nappie there for a couple of years then mum and dad moved us to a little country town in the central west called ORANGE

Where they grow apples, grapes and cherrys, haha funny hey no oranges. But no matter lol Because the O-Town community is full of kind, Hard working give you the shirt off their backs types of people, Great town to start your Big boy life.

Time to cut to the chase, 14-9 months was when you were allowed to get a job back in the day, So me and my twin brother Nick got jobs at KFC, We fried that chicken like we owned the joint lol the first time a fist full of potato, peas and gravy hit me in the side of the face (thanks Nick haha) I knew this was the industry for me.

3 months later I got a job at the best Chinese restaurant in town the Loc Sing, Owned by Barry Marr I started off as a dish pig peeling 40kgs of onions and carrots at the start of every shift then onto a night of washing dishes, Barry knew I wanted to be a chef so on Friday and Saturday nights instead of washing dishes he let me work the fried rice/fryer section, At the age of 15 I thought I was so cool haha. We had to do 2 weeks work experience for school, So I did it at the Loc Sing, good choice Jason.

Barry said he would teach me how to chop so I asked should I bring in my own knife he said no, So I rock up first day and Barry puts down a round wooded chopping block and a massive meat cleaver WTF lol he said if you can learn to chop Julianne carrots with this then you can use any knife, 2 weeks later I had 2 band aids on every finger…..But I could chop like a boss lol thanks Bazza.

Fries and Burger on Plate
Selective Focus of Ham Burger on Wooden Surface Photo

I did my apprenticeship at a place called Andy’s Coffee Lounge a 90 seater café in the middle of the biggest shopping centre in town, What a way to get your arse handed to you at the age of 17 haha but what a great experience. We served old school feeds like Hawaiian grills, Chicken and mushroom crepes, Pastas, steaks, Eggplant towers and a range of authentic Greek dishes everything was “HOMEMADE”. My bosses were the very ambitious Andrew and Wendy Williams, Andrew saw something in me and knew I wanted to succeed in life so he took me under his wing, As a 2nd year apprentice Andrew was teaching me how to do the ordering and the ins and outs of the business.

I worked hard through my apprenticeship and did everything that was asked of me purely out of respect for my bosses that gave an ambitious kid the time of day and for that I will always be grateful.

Next stop The Union Bank Café one of the best restaurants in town the owner Mark Tracy was also the head chef, Hands down the most fun I had ever had in the work place, Dishing up modern day Australian cuisine with a very creative twist the place was always full we catered for Weddings, Work Christmas parties, Private and corporate functions. Over the next 2 years Mark chipped away any rough edges I had and by the end of my time there I was frothing at the mouth ready to take on whatever came my way.

A couple of years down the track I went out on my own with a little place called Vertigo A 60 seater Café/Restaurant where we served up modern day café style food through the day such as Tandoori chicken stir fried vegetable crepes, Warm vitamise chicken salads, pesto prawn filo baskets, A wide range of pastas, Soups, Burgers and homemade desserts. We were open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights where we ran a restaurant style menu putting a modern-day spin on old classics it didn’t take long for the place to fill up. Over 3.5 years I catered for every occasion such as UNI O week functions, Christmas parties for the mines, Birthdays, Weddings off and on site etc. Then I sold the joint in 2011 and decided to have a short break. After vertigo I took on another couple of head chef jobs one was down in Jindabyne for the snow season where I ran the kitchen at a place called Sista Villa we catered for hundreds of school kids coming down for there school excursions, Packed lunches, Buffet dinners as well as catering for the restaurant patrons, We also catered for the Korean ski team all in all a good experience.

Fast forward to the here and now Im up here in the Northern NSW Gold Coast area with a Big Purple Truck ready to feed you good people with homemade burgers and whatever else your willing to put in your mouth, so don’t be shy and book KICKASS CATERING in for your next event and be part of my story.

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What makes KICKASS CATERING special is we don’t just do burgers, Customise your next Function the way YOU like it weather it be a Wedding, Engagement party, Business, Corporate, Birthday or just a good old fashion Piss up with me……..And Remember this “My name is JAS and I’m here to stay, Yall have yourself a KICKASS DAY”.

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